3 Tips for Finding the Best Suppliers for Your Industrial Business

Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps that are commonly and widely used for pumping of different variety of fluids. The fluid pumped by these pumps is contained within a flexible tube that is particularly fitted inside a circular pump casing. These pumps have a rotor that has different rollers, shoes, wipers, or lobes that are attached to the external circumference of the rotor, which compresses the flexible tube. Peristaltic pumps widely used in different industries as they provide different applications. They are typically used to pump clean fluids or aggressive fluids in order to prevent cross contamination with exposed pump components.

Common applications include pumping of IV fluids via an infusion device, aggressive chemicals, high solids slurries, as well as other related materials and components. Peristaltic pumps are also commonly used in heart-lung machines as they help circulate blood during a bypass surgery. In the industrial sector, these pumps play an essential role. Because of their efficiency and unique design, they are suited for pumping abrasives and viscous fluids.

Peristaltic pumps have different variations, which include hose pumps. Basically, a hose pump can handle high pressure pumping tasks. It can operate against up to 16 bar in a non-stop service. Its shoes or rollers can also be used in continuous service. Its casings are filled with lubricant in order to prevent abrasions in the pump’s exterior tube and to help in dissipation of heat, and to reinforce tubes or hoses. Since it can handle high pressure pumping tasks, hose pump has an edge over a roller pump. Its rollers maximum pressure can handle 12 bar without having any issues. However, for non-high pressure pumping duties and operations, a tubing pump is a better option than a hose pump.

Different industries make use of hose pumps, and if your business venture requires such, it is wise to know to contact the best suppliers and manufacturers. If you want your industrial business to reach its full potentials and to have better production, it is important to invest on top-of-the-line and reliable hose pumps or other variants of peristaltic pumps, and of course, by contacting Maxi-Tankers for the best fuel delivery system. The following are some of the tips you may want to keep in mind when looking for a supplier of hose pumps:

Only deal with reputable suppliers – There are many suppliers of industrial pumps today, and it is a challenge to determine who to trust. Investing on industrial pumps is not a cheap premise, which is why it is important only to deal with legitimate suppliers and manufacturers. You can know whether or not a supplier is reliable if it maintains a good reputation in the industry. If its past and present clients have nothing but praises and kind words for that supplier, chances are, that it can be trusted and it can deliver.

Ask for referrals – If you know a colleague, friend, or relative who has an experience in dealing with pump hose suppliers, it is wise to ask him or her for advice. You can him or her to refer you to a good and reputable supplier. Asking for referral is advisable because you will have a clearer picture on how that supplier works and how it handles clients’ concerns.

Look online – Dozens of industrial pump suppliers can be found on the Internet. By using search engine sites or directory sites, you can easily locate suppliers. You can also visit the website of the supplier you are eyeing and see clients’ testimonials and reviews. Find a website that is similar to Maxi-Tankers when it comes to clarity and user-friendliness. You can also reaffirm the supplier’s services and reputation by looking it up online.

Investing on industrial pumps for your business should always work on your own benefit and not the other way around. Avoid having a bad investment by being wise in your purchase of logistics and equipment.

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