7 Frequently Asked Questions about Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept. It is one of the best methods for accumulating large sums of money from people who are willing to invest. Crowdfunding India is a great initiative to provide a platform to attract donors and investors.

  1. Why is everyone interested in crowdfunding?

There are two main reasons:

i) Most crowdfunding platforms such as Fundraiser or Kickstarter can garner a lot of attention. But on these websites, you can acquire the product but not an equity.

ii) there is a wave of equity investment platforms in the market. Although in a premature stage, these platforms have started gathering investments from accredited people for the time being.

  1. What is equity crowdfunding as opposed to product crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is a platform where you can invest a sum of money in a company and own a part of it as a partner. Product crowdfunding is much simpler. You can invest money for a product in advance to the service provided. The former is comparatively in its nascent stage and thus has less availability to the general public.

  1. Can you use crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is generally used by non-profit organizations like Crowdfunding India. Anyone can try crowdfunding for their benefits or some else’s. All you need is an agenda and a good platform to showcase your concerns and needs.

  1. What are benefits?

Crowdfunding hugely benefits people who cannot afford certain amenities such as medical care or education. It is a personal endeavour since it requires connecting with your near and dear ones and asking them to help your cause. It increases emotional viability in humans.

  1. How does crowdfunding grow awareness in people?

You basically inform your immediate community about the requirements of your campaign. This increases their awareness about the topic. Now they go ahead and pass on the information and increase the base further.

  1. Why is it common among students?

Crowdfunding india does not require a set of qualifications or credit score. All you need is the urge to help someone. Anyone can go on a platform and start a campaign for someone in need. Students usually do not have the required funds to donate money but they can surely come up with impressive campaigns to raise money for a cause they are attached to. Because of the young generation’s connections on social media, it is easier for them to reach the goals.

  1. How do you start a campaign?

All you need is a social media profile and an interesting campaign. A variety of platforms are available that are waiting to give a stage to your initiative. Go on one such website and start accumulating money.


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