7 life changing tips to get rid of dandruff permanently

Dandruff is one of the normal scalp conditions. Wait, normal? Well, this is usually how they describe it. But if you are among people who actually suffer from it, you must be knowing what level of a ‘normal’ it is. Try dandruff shampoo or any other ingredients, those white flakes just don’t leave the scalp and not to forget the itching sensation they bring, is definitely not something that is to be taken as normal.

So, for how long are you suffering from this and do you know how to remove dandruff? And how many times did it reappear? Well, don’t answer as we can feel you. Just let us inform you that nothing exists without a solution, so if it’s already that you have lost all hopes of a having dandruff-free head, gain it back. Because here we are with the best solutions that will get you a permanent solution to set yourself free of dandruff issues. Want to know how? Keep on reading!

7 tips to get a permanent solution for dandruff

Shampoo whenever required: Cleanliness is the key to healthy skin or hair. So washing your hair whenever need be is the best solution to keep your scalp free of dirt and grimes. However, too much shampoo can also cause irritation, so make sure you use a mild one.

Brush off the dead skin: Brushing not only helps to make your hairstyle, but it also wipes away the dead skin and regulates blood circulation. Hence make a habit of brushing yours at least twice daily. But if your hair falls off easily, get a wide-toothed comb.

Don’t experiment with ‘chemicals’: Don’t get impressed with the bottles of a chemically infused product known as hair cosmetic. Even dandruff shampoo is nothing but harsh chemicals that might result in a more irritating scalp. Instead, go for the traditional ways of getting rid of dandruff, like applying lemon juice mixed with olive oil or henna. Remember, old is gold.

List a proper diet: Eating just anything and everything doesn’t make you a healthy human. It will only gain you an extra layer of fat making you bulky. A proper diet, on the other hand, will help you gain right physique. So, include lots of vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken and dairy products. It will ultimately increase your intake of protein, minerals, fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins.

Treat dry skin condition: If you have dry skin, then dandruff is likely to happen. The only solution is to keep your scalp hydrated, which can be done with regular oiling. Warm oil can also be of great help, which slips deep into the pores and makes the scalp soft and nourished. Drinking lots of water can also fight with dry scalp.

Treat oily skin condition: If this is the case, then don’t just flip the coin and do opposite to what dry scalp is advised to do. Regular wash could be a more sensible idea but don’t forget using a mild shampoo. Also, use natural homemade mask using baking soda or fenugreek seed or henna. All of these have antifungal properties and can keep the white flakes at bay.

Stay stress-free: We know this is something you cannot get rid of. But believe it, stress have too many negative effects on our physical and mental health. Keeping away the work stress could be impossible but diverting your mind from it can be fruitful. So, grab a cup of coffee or eat mood stimulating food. Get the right amount of sleep or turn on music.

With these simple steps, you can enter a new phase of gorgeously maintained hair where dandruff can never be a part of ever again.


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