Australian Government Add Stricter Value Test for Migrants

Now the migrants of Australia have to face new obstacles- including an improved language exam and Australian value exam- and a large move of the migrations program will have to wait for many years prior becoming qualified for Australian citizenship.

Migrants can be asked if they support female genital disintegration and compulsive marriage, or Even if it is acceptable to strike a spouse at home to give feedback to the public under intended price-based citizenship exam questions.

The administration on April, 20th 2017, wants to execute new and difficult Australian citizenship requirements. Australian values are now in the middle of the citizenship application procedure.  The Australia administration has now declared plans to pass the “Australian Value” Examination for Foreigners and to make it difficult to take a high-level language exam to get citizenship with applicants.

Under the present system, migrants enter into a series of visas in Australia. They can then become permanent residents, but wait for another year before applying for citizenship. Under the rescheduled scheme one year wait will increase for four years.

This new residence requirement rule is already effective. In order to apply for Australian citizenship application, the applicants will need a least 6 level equal to the IELTS, and the applicant will qualify for citizenship thereafter years as a permanent resident, an increase of one year.

If approved by the Parliament, under the widespread change in the nation’s citizenship test, it will be difficult for migrants to become Australian citizens. The applicants are required to show that they abide Australian values, Speak English and requirements for least 4 years prior applying for citizenship perquisites to be tested in necessary criteria.

Present capable questions will examine the migrants on their views about gender equality and religious freedom. The new questions will include issues such as women and children, female genital mutilation and violence against forced marriages.

In addition, under the current Australian citizenship eligibility system, citizenship application is rejected if the applicant is found guilty of a serious crime. The government now considers it inadequate. New tests will examine wisely for all crimes in the applicant’s history, including minors, which are not acceptable with standard Australian values such as welfare abuse.

Here are some “Australian value” questions under consideration:

  • In what circumstances is it right to ban girls from education?
  • Is Australia’s principle of freedom of religion to allow children to be forced to marry?
  • In the multicultural society of Australia, in what situation is the permission to cut female genitalia?
  • Although it is illegal to use violence in the public, in what circumstances can you put your spouse in your privacy?

Under the changes, potential citizens will need to be permanent residents for four years (more than 12 months), they will need to pass the English examination at the “competent” IELTS level 6 equal, and give evidence that they are integrated into the society Preparation of taxes, employment records and school education records for children.

One part of the changes, a questionnaire will be broken on “inappropriate” views such as domestic violence, violence against women, forced marriages and female genital disintegration. Current citizenship multi-option questionnaire examines the knowledge of the person of the colors of Australian laws, national symbols and tribal flags. But it was not enough to decide whether a person would accept “Australian value” or not.

The current Australian citizenship test consist of questions about even if they go to work – if they are of working age, even if the applicants have sent their children to school – and whether in cities, being part of the unwise gang shows Australian values.

Criminal records and social security laws will also be followed.  In the context of loyalty to Australia, the promise of commitment will be strengthened; and for people to be pledged, the need for persons aged 16 and above will be extended to all the streams of citizenship by application, which includes citizenship of descent, adoption, and restoration.

The announcement has warned many multicultural supporters and will feel targeted to migrant and ethnic groups. The number of failures in the applicant’s nationality test has been shortened by three. There is now no such restriction in the trial. Apart from this, automated failure has been introduced for cheating applicants during the Citizenship test.

English language competence was essential for integration into economic partnership and Australian communal and social solidarity. “Any behavior incompatible with Australian values will be treated as part of this process. New citizenship requirements are expected to be passed by parliament with the support of right-wing senators.

If the applicant approve this test. The applicants will have to prove that they have integrated into Australian society, and must send evidence of incorporation such as proof of tax payment, school enrollment for child, employment, and club membership.

The Skilled workers under this Stricter Value Test are permitted to use foreign workers for 4 years where there is a shortage of Workers in Australia.  Australian citizenship is a privilege and should be given to those who support Australian values, respect laws and want to work harder by integrating and contributing to a better Australia.

Under the new rules, if the applicants fails citizenship test three times then the applicants will have to wait for 2 years prior withdrawing the examination (the applicants are permitted to withdraw the test as many times as they want in the present system) Plus, the applicants will be denied from the citizenship test who cheat during the test.

 Persons wishing to apply for Australian citizenship should seek professional advice. It is important to send the application before these changes become effective. Are you preparing for the Australian citizenship test? Contact immigration agent Perth, we will help you pass your test first time.

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