Get rid of the monster

Every time you plug in your friend’s pen drive or any other external device the one thing that scares you the most is being affected by the virus. This fear also rises while we browse through unknown sites and click random dialogue boxes.

Though you frequently clean your computer and try your level best to keep the virus away, it somehow creeps in. Some are really irritating and difficult to handle with. In such a case a tech’s help like Norton tech support number UK is required. But there are times in which simple techniques can help you get rid of the virus. A few methods are described,

Let go of the internet

Switching off your internet connection is the first thing you will have to do whenever you spot any symptoms of the virus attacks. This is helpful in stopping the spread of the virus to other parts of your computer. At the same, they will also act as a barrier stopping your personal data from getting leaked or exported without your intentions.

You should enter into Microsoft safe mode which is also helpful. It makes sure that only minimum files are loaded. If in case it spots any malware getting downloaded automatically it makes sure to prevent it.

Erase off

The next you should prefer doing is erase all your unnecessary and temporary files. This will empty up a lot of space. Erasing temporary files also makes anti-malware software run pretty fast. So take steps to do this immediately and as soon as possible.

Run a scan

Most computers have malware scanners downloaded. But still, there are cases where possibilities exist that you don’t have one. So download one. Go in for an on-demand malware. Though the anti-virus software isn’t that much protective they still deserve a great appreciation when it comes to protecting your computer.

No going manually

There are ways in which you can remove the virus manually but this involves a lot of danger. It is time-consuming but requires no software to be installed. However, if you are dealing with some complicated virus it may only rise the danger bar. So avoid going manually.

Despite all this safety is better than cure. So following some simple steps might safeguard your computer,

  • You should be careful when you are using public wifi as chances of being infected are more.
  • Check on the external devices your plugin on your computer.
  • Whenever you enter any unknown site and every time you click on any unknown dialogue boxes prefer being safe.
  • Back up your files and run a virus check then and there.

Apart from this consulting a tech or a professional like Norton tech support number UK in this field might sound healthy. Because they know how to remove it permanently. They will also possess sufficient knowledge about how to handle each type of virus. On an average 6000 virus are created to damage your computer. These techniques will help you in avoiding and destroying them.

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