How Has Global Warming Affected The Earth?

You all are aware of the term “Global Warming”. It is one such topic gaining heat in the field of science. The temperature of the earth is increasing at such a rapid rate that it has led to environmental imbalance. Plants are the most important source of environmental balance on earth. They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen during the process of photosynthesis and prevent the temperature from rising enormously. But the depletion of the trees has created an imbalance and led to a rise in the temperature of the earth.

Global warming has led to the melting of snow and glaciers which has led to an increase in the water levels. The climatic imbalances are all the outcome of global warming. The harmful gases emitted by the industries and automobiles has led to an enormous rise in temperature in the past few decades. You all know how green and peaceful our planet was millions of years ago. There is a huge difference in primitive and modern earth.

Though we have progressed and have numerous facilities to save time and energy, we are also adding to the challenges of sustaining life on earth. Industrialization and modernization have added to all types of pollution which have created a climatic imbalance. The chlorofluorocarbons from the air conditioners and refrigerators are one of the several reasons for the depletion of the ozone layer. This has increased the chances of ultraviolet rays striking the earth’s surface thereby increasing the earth’s temperature.

Global warming is a serious issue to be looked upon. It is you who can reduce the impact of global warming. Deforestation and emissions from automobiles and industries are the primary concern. You should participate in tree plantation campaigns. If you reduce the use of vehicles for very short distances or replace them with environment-friendly options like bicycles, you can contribute in reducing the impact of global warming to a great deal. Proper sewage treatment and waste disposal facilities should be devised in order to prevent different types of pollution. It is you who need to take the initiative in order to protect the earth from any severe calamities and disasters. To sustain life on earth it is essential to prevent the causes leading to such environmental imbalances.

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