Know the Endless Benefits of Amla

We all know what Amla is. This is very famous in countries like India all thanks to Ayurveda and natural ingredients which people have been using for ages to get benefits from them. Amla is one such green fruit which has endless medical and health benefits.

The word ‘Amla’ comes from a Sanskrit word called ‘Amlaki’ which actually means ‘nectar of life’. One can make amla powder or crush these fruits and extract juice and drink it to get healthy benefits from it. There are also other delicious things that one can make from amla. One is amla ka murabba in Hindi which has a sweet and tangy taste and is very common in Indian households especially in winter.

Why eating amla is important? This is because; it has a lot of health benefits and it keeps one strong from inside. Here are some lovely benefits that one can get by making amla a regular habit in their life.

  • Amla can help you fight cold. This fruit has a lot of Vitamin C in it and it is easily absorbed in the human body. One can mix 2 tea spoons of amla powder along with equal amount of honey and can have them at least 3 times a day. This will give you an instant relief if you are suffering from cough and cold and it also protects you from catching a cold during weather and season change.
  • There is a lot of carotene present in amla which improves vision. If you consume amla on a regular basis then it will improve your all over eye health. This can reduce your cataract problem and prevent regular itching and reddening of eye if there is an infection attack.
  • This can actually burn fat. So if you are trying to reduce your body weight then amla is the answer. There is a protein present in this fruit which helps you to reduce food cravings. If you can consume a glass of amla juice on a regular basis before you take your regular meal then it will fill you up and you will not feel the urge to eat much during lunch. This also has high fibre in it which helps one to burn fat and also to fight constipation and other liver problems.
  • This fruit also has astringent and anti bacterial elements which helps one to boost their immunity system. This fruit can also help in protecting the body from harmful things like free radicals which can cause oxidative damage.
  • It is also a common notion that amla can strengthen your hair. It can slow down the natural greying of hair and also makes your hair follicles strong. This also gives your hair a very shiny look.

One can drink amla juice on a regular basis. To get amla ka murabbba recipe in Hindi one can consult some cook books pr can consult online Indian cooking sites. Or one can also go for dried amla powders to get health benefits.

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