Searching for a Top Car Insurance Company? These 5 Tips are All You Need

While there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration when selecting a car insurance policy, the company offering it is one of the most important. Read this post to know how you can choose a top car insurance provider.

One of the most valuable tips for selecting the best car insurance is to choose the insurance company carefully. The quality of the insurance product majorly relies on how good or bad the insurance provider is.

But with so many insurance companies now available in the market, how will you make a decision? To make things easier, we’ve created a list of some valuable tips that are sure to help.

  1. Check their Ratings and Reviews: Checking the reviews and ratings of the insurance provider is one of the easiest ways to know how good an insurance company is. There are several online portals where you can find customer reviews on insurance companies. But make sure that you select a reliable platform that has genuine customer reviews. And always take reviews with a pinch of salt.
  2. Claim Settlement Ratio of the Company: The claim settlement ratio is calculated on the basis of the number of claims received by the company and the number of claims it approved. This percentage too is a great way to analyse the credibility of a company. You can check the claim settlement ratio of a company on their official website.
  3. The Network of Garages: Most of the car insurance companies now provide the facility of getting your car repaired at one of its network garages and enjoy cashless claims. When selecting an insurance company, check its network of garages and pick one that has a network of several garages with a few close to your home or on the general route you use regularly.
  4. Features of the Policy: The next step is to go through the benefits and features of the car insurance policy offered by a company. While most policies would look similar, dig deeper into the clauses and rules to get a clear idea of which company is better and offers maximum features and benefits. You can also check the add-ons provided by the company and how these add-ons affect the policy premium.
  5. Customer Support: People looking for an insurance provider often forget customer support. You should ensure that you can easily reach the support staff of the insurance provider 24×7 through calls and emails as you might need their support at any time of the day. Also, go through the company’s claim filing process to make sure that it is easy and quick. For instance, the award-winning companies such as HDFC Ergo car insurance company, Bharti AXA, IFFCO-TOKIO are very popular for its insurance products, quick claim filing as well as its world-class customer support.

While you can now easily purchase a car insurance policy online, the large number of companies that offer insurance have made the selection confusing. If you too are finding it difficult to pick the best insurance provider, analyse them on the basis of the tips discussed above, and you’re sure to make an excellent decision.

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