Starting a T-Shirt Business in the UK

Are you a creative person? Do you have passion for fashion? Do you dream of having your own design business some day? If yes, then you can start something as small as a T-shirt business and see what dizzying heights you can achieve with such a simple business idea.

Due to the advancement in technology, the printing and production of t-shirts has become easier than most imagine. T-shirt businesses have become increasingly popular among millennials. Although the market is highly competitive, the profits you make once your business is established can surprise even the most experienced business owner.

Why start a T-shirt design & supply business?

The market for selling t-shirt is huge. The reason behind it is simple, t-shirts are worn by everyone. Additionally, there is huge demand for T-shirts developed by innovative young designers, especially because people are constantly looking for alternatives to the main high street fashion brands.

Apart from the individual set of audience, there is also an opportunity to produce and supply t-shirts to sports teams, schools and companies with kit. Additionally, the t-shirt business has a potential scope for expansion beyond just producing t-shirts – they can also produce and supply sweaters, hoods and sleeveless tops etc.

Ultimately, due to advancement in the technologies and a rise in popularity of direct-to-garment production has made entering this market easy and more affordable for young entrepreneurs.

What Skills Are Required?

You neither need to hire someone who is creative and good at graphic designing or at least learn the basics yourself. If you are designing the t-shirts on your own, you will enjoy thinking outside the box and using your imagination to its fullest to creative new innovative designs that stand out from the rest in the market.

Someone with general interest and basic knowledge in fashion and clothing is a perfect fit to start a t-shirt business. But remember, since this is an ultra competitive market, we suggest that you stay focused on the marketing and branding of your company. For this, you also need to be good with communication and most importantly, believe in your products and services.

Start-up Costs

It is comparatively easier to start a t-shirt business without having to invest a lot of money in expensive printing equipments as such. But in case if you require initial capital to bring production in-house you require professional printing equipments which are costly. Thus, we suggest you to opt for alternative financing options instead of traditional bank loans.

Alternative finance firms are increasingly gaining popularity for the lower interest rates and the variety of funding options they have. The funding options include

However, production costs have decreased over years. Some of the other costs include professional graphic design software, commercial property leasing and funding for branding and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you also need money to set-up an online store for your customers to connect with you directly. You need to invest in good website designers for developing a user-friendly website.

What Are The Keys To Succeed In The T-Shirt Business?

Like we keep mentioning now and then, branding and marketing hold a greater importance in this type of business. Entrepreneurs planning to enter this market are needed to establish a strong foothold in the corresponding market to make their t-shirt designs instantly recognisable.

On the other hand, it is even essential to adapt the designs and constantly keep up with the latest fashion trends in the market. In the fashion world, things are bound to change overnight and what was popular three months ago many not be popular today. Also, make sure you have decided upon your target audience. Just because everyone wears t-shirts it is a mistake to think that you can target anyone and everyone. Hence, it is important to have specific consumers in mind.

Lastly, due to an ultra competitive market, keep an eye on the costs.

The Next Steps

Taking up a fashion design or a graphic design course is a good starting point, especially if you have little to no knowledge or experience of designing. As every business owner would agree, market research holds a great importance. Hence, find your niche and decide whether you will be selling through the internet, distributing your products via shops – or both.

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