TheOneSpy Review – Employee Spy Software to Find Out Dishonest Team Member

Are you suspicious of your employees for having dishonest activities at the workplace?There isseveral employee spy software that let you find out unfaithful and unproductive workers. TheOneSpy is one of the software that is trusted by many entrepreneurs around the world for employee monitoring. It is a cross platform software application that enables employers and business managers to keep tabs on the activities of the workers within and beyond the workplace. It lets you track mobile phones and computer devices owned by the company and used by workers. We have reviewed the features of the employee spy software to let you understand how it facilitates employers to identify dishonest workers.

How Employee Spy Software Work?

TheOneSpy employee monitoring software is multi-platform software application that enables employers and business managers to monitor mobile phones and computers of the workers. It lets you supervise almost every activity performed on the monitored cell phone and computer device. You can know what your workers are doing in real-time and what type of activities they are involved in.

The spyware software gets access to the data stored on the targeted mobile or computer device. It includes messages, emails, contacts, call history, internet browsing history, keylogs, media files and other similar stuff.This data is the uploaded to an online spy account which can only be accessed by the employer via any mobile phone or computer device.This data enables employers to find out productive and unproductive workers of the company.

Main Features of Employee Spy Software

The mobile phone and computer surveillance software offers a wide range of features enabling the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted devices.We have penned down here the main features of the software to let you know how it lets you find out dishonest staff.

Track Conversations

You can keep tabs on the internal and external communication of your workers.You can get access to their text messages, instant messages and multimedia messages. As well as reading the content of the incoming and outgoing messages you can see the contact detail of the message senders and receivers.These messages let you know what discussions your workers make and with whom. If you find any suspicious messages to a rivalry group, you can become aware of the situation beforehand.

Call Recording

The best spy app for android lets you listen to all secretive phone calls of your workers. It records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and let you listen to the recorded calls via online control panel of the spy app. You can also get the contact detail of the callers and recipients to find out any suspicious contact.

Spy on Social Media

The social media monitoring is of great significance for businesses. While the social media platforms enable businesses to communicate their message to the masses, it can also make the companies to face severe loss when not handled correctly. Your dishonest workers may post inappropriate or sensitive company information on social media platforms to defame the company. The spy app lets you monitor social media activities of your workers to make sure they avoid malicious activities. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumblr and many other social media and instant messengers using the Android spy app of TheOneSpy.

Track Emails

The spyware app lets you track incoming and outgoing emails of your workers to identify the dishonest workers. It also records keystrokes of username, passwords and email addresses to let you access online accounts of suspicious workers.

Screen Recording

You can find out what your workers are doing on their computer or mobile phones in real-time by recording their screens. The Mac monitoring software lets you record screens of the targeted computers and laptops to record whatever appears on the targeted device screen. You can also capture mobile phone screen by taking screenshots.

Monitor Surroundings

The employee spy software lets you operate the camera and microphone of the monitored cell phone and laptop.You can turn on the camera and MIC to see and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds.It lets you know what your workers are doing and what conversations they make.

That is not all. The employee monitoring software lets you monitor almost every activity of your workers at the workplace and eve beyond the workstation. This helps you make better decisions for your business and staff.

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