Top 4 Natural Fibre Floor Coverings That You Need To Know About

Natural fibres have taken over the flooring segment in a big way. For environmental reasons and to give earthy feel and tones to your living spaces, the carpets and rugs made up of natural materials, present themselves as an ideal choice.

Let us quickly take you through the natural carpet and rug choices that would be the aptest for your interior settings.

  1. Wool Carpets: Wool is probably the most ancient naturally produced fibre which finds its use in various segments since the very old times. It is widely used in the construction of weaved carpets and rugs too. Major advantages with this fibre are its inherent ability to considerably resist the concerns like fire, piling and staining.

It can effectively insulate itself from the few dew drops of water or other liquid material. However, getting drenched in too much water can damage the fibres badly.

Carpets made up of pure wool are also able to trap air inside its fibrous structure. This way it acts as a wonderful insulator, thus soundproofing and thermally insulating the floor it covers.

Being soft and cosy imparts the wool carpet a premium look and feel. Hence, these are comparatively expensive than their synthetic counterparts.

  1. Seagrass Carpet: Seagrass fibre floor coverings are another popular natural fibre choice in the current times. They are super smooth and anti-static in nature. 

They are widely found in sea beds but now with increasing demand, they are being cultivated in the zones where sea water keeps flooding. This provides them with the ideal settings to grow.

This particular natural fibre is virtually impermeable. So they are less susceptible to the dust attaching to them or any liquid getting seeped it. This non-porous nature also makes the seagrass fibre obsolete for the dying purpose. As a result, they are usually available in natural colours. Sometimes, you’ll notice coloured threads of other fibres are interwoven in order to add some contrast.

It is not ideal for the kitchen or bathroom settings because of its tendency to get damaged with the constant wetness and moisture.

  1. Jute Carpets: Jute is majorly procured from the subtropical regions of the Asian subcontinent. It is one of the softest and economical floors covering option currently available.

However, it has a considerably higher susceptibility to wear and tear because of the soft and fragile surface. You can best use it in the areas with lesser mobility like guest rooms or bedrooms etc.

  1. Sisal Carpets: Because of being easier to colour and highly durable, Sisal carpets are rapidly rising the popularity charts in the interior designing scene.

They can easily withstand the rough handling and high mobility areas without showing any visible signs of wear and tear in the longer run. It is noteworthy to mention that they are not extra soft like wool but at the same time are not even agonizing underfoot.

These Floorspace natural carpets are also ideal for homes with kids and pets. Like all other natural fibres, it too needs reasonable protection from the moist environs through.

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