Top 43-Inch LG Tvs On EMI

LG is known the world over for its innovative and consumer-friendly features. The brand also is famous for the techniques it uses to make top-notch TVs that are bound to last you for years without needing any repair. Moreover, LG has an eye for the sensibilities of the Indian consumer and offers features that allow you to make your TV the centre stage for family entertainment. LG TVs also have a durable build that can easily cope with Indian weather and electricity fluctuations. So, bringing home the latest LG TV is sure to be on wish list.

Now, you can make the purchase of your LG TV a more affordable by buying it on easyEMIs from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Using the EMI Network Card, you can take home your favourite LG TV on No Cost EMI or convert the purchase price into easy EMIs to keep your purse strings happy. The vast EMI Network spans across 1,300+ cities with over more than 60,000 online and offline retailers. You can use the EMI Network Card to shop online or avail in-store financing from the nearest offline partner store to purchase any LG TV without paying anything upfront. Also, you can enjoy exciting offers, discounts on MRP and lucrative cashbacks on your purchase. Moreover, you can choose to repay the purchase price in EMIs that have no extra costs attached to it via a flexible tenor of 3 to 24 months, which you can choose as per your convenience.

Here is the list of top 43-inch LG TVs you can consider buying on EMI.

  • LG 43UK6560PTC

This LG 42-inch LED TV will surely amaze you with its mesmerising and detailed picture quality. Its IPS 4K display is capable of reproducing hundreds of colours in true depth to show pictures with finer gradation. This TV display yields accurate picture quality sans pixilation. Thanks to the 4K Active HDR technology in this TV, you get to view life-like colour with more contrast.

You can also use the in-built Bluetooth to connect your TV to all your other devices quickly and conveniently. Moreover, you can enjoy the DTS Virtual: X or the new sound post processing technology on this TV. Due to this exclusive technology, you can enjoy multi-dimensional sound experience without the need of any additional speakers on your LG TV. What’s more, you can launch the Cloud photo and video application on the TV to pull up and view photos and videos on the TV screen from all your other devices. The TV also comes with a magic remote that allows you to point, click and scroll it to operate your TV.

  • LG 43LK5360PTA

This 43-inch LG TV comes with an IPS display that maintains colour vibrancy across the screen at every angle. It comes with a quick access feature that lets you access all the content and connections with direct hot keys. To ensure complete durability, this TV comes equipped with all-round protection that secures your television (TV) from lightning, summer heat, dust, humidity and shock. Want to zoom into your movie or TV serial for better background clarity? You can do so with its live zoom facility. It allows you to select a particular area and use live zoom to see it in detail. This TV supports 20W louder and clearer sound thanks to its Dolby digital feature.

  • LG 43UK6780PTE

This LG TV model has an in-built LG AI ThinQ feature to give you an enhanced interactive TV-viewing experience. Added to this, the Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature helps you take a control over your TV using the intelligent voice-activated control. Its Ultrabright IPS 4K display reproduces over a billion colours in true depth to give you an immersive viewing experience. The TV comes with a 4K Active HDR that sets up a new standard for picture quality.

To give you a sharper and clear display, this LG UHD TV also supports the latest HDR10 Pro and HLG Pro features. Moreover, this TV comes with a magic remote that supports various features and is easy to use as unlike conventional remotes you can perform many operations using just a ball fitted on the remote. To put it simply, the remote has a point, click and scroll ball pointer key that you can toggle in any direction to launch apps, screen through channels, and do more. This universal remote removes the need for you to buy and use additional remotes and makes it easier for you to access the TV, set-top box and speakers, all in one.

  • LG 43LK5260PTA

This LG 43-inch TV has an IPS Panel display that maintains colour vibrancy and ensures every visual has a balanced depth of colour. This ensures what you see is way more polished and sharp as compared to the normal panel display. If you love listening to the radio, then this LG TV is your best bet as it comes in-built with an FM radio. Moreover, you can quickly access content on your TV with direct hot keys like Amazon and Netflix. If you are a true Bollywood fan then this TV is what you need. All you have to do is open the smart sound mode or Bollywood mode and it will automatically select the right sound adjustments for you each time you screen a classic or the latest blockbuster.

With so many great options, buying the right LG TV is sure to be a breeze! Once you have chosen the right LG TV to buy, you can head to the EMI Network and complete your purchase on No Cost EMIs. Before you do anything else, check your pre-approved offer from Bajaj Finserv to get access to a range of offers made ready just for you. You can use your financing limit to shop for electronics, appliances, clothing, accessories and other products available on the network in a jiffy. Moreover, you will also get customised offers on home loans, personal loans and other financial services from Bajaj Finserv. Utilise these offers to add more flexibility to your funding needs and finance all your life needs with ease!

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