Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Water Purifier This Monsoon

Monsoons relieve us from the scorching heat of summer. However, the arrival of the monsoon also signals the onset of waterborne diseases. Thanks to the high humidity during monsoon, it can lead to some serious health concerns like dehydration as you tend to lose a lot of essential minerals through sweat.

This is the reason why you need to stay hydrated. However, the water that you get at home gets highly contaminate during monsoon, which is why you need to drink pure and clean water. Using a water purifier system ensures that you get access to clean drinking water to stay safe from diseases.

Here are a few reasons why one need to invest in a good water purifier this monsoon.

Reduce the Risk of Waterborne Diseases

Water–logging and floods are quite common during monsoon. The contaminated water seeps into the pipes during monsoon and contaminate the water that you get. Drinking this contaminated water in any form can lead to a number of diseases. Water purifiers have advanced purification technologies, which ensure that all the impurities are removed, and you get safe, clean and healthy water for consumption.

Affects Immune System

Monsoons provide an ideal environment for microbes to grow and prosper leading to an increase in bacterial and viral infections. Once you fall to prey to these infections, the recovery is comparatively slower during monsoon as the immune system gets sluggish. Water-borne diseases like typhoid and jaundice take really long to cure.

Boiling Water Is Not Enough

Boiling is no doubt an effective way of getting rid of water-borne bacteria, however, you need to boil water for 20-25 minutes to efficiently deactivate these disease-causing microorganisms. Often, you don’t have enough time to boil water for that long. The other drawback is that when you leave water for cooling in open containers, it can be contaminated again by the microbes present in the air.

Presence of Other Impurities

There are many organic and inorganic impurities that get mixed with the water. River water or lake water might be having traces of dissolved impurities chlorides and sulphates. Such impurities can’t be removed by any conventional purifying process and needs a good water purifier system equipped with advanced technology to purify it.

Convenience Factor

Having a water purifier enables you to get pure and clean drinking water by just turning the faucet. You don’t have to worry about boiling, cooling and storing the water. All you need to do is to see that your purifier is maintained properly so that you get clean and safe water whenever you want.

Water purifier system has become a mandatory appliance over the past few years due to the depleting water quality. It is important to have clean and safe drinking water all the year round, but the importance increases during the monsoon. This is because waterborne diseases are on the rise in this season.

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