Traveling in the USA-Smoking, Time and Vocabulary Rules to Note as a Foreigner!

Many nations have incorporated several anti-smoking rules for their residents. However, some states and cities in the USA have some of the most stringent laws when it comes to smoking. There some cities in the nations like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Washington DC and other places where smoking has been completely banned in clubs, bars, indoor spaces,and some restaurants. In October 2015, 28 states in the USA had banned smoking in indoor spaces with the inclusion of malls.

The smoking ban in 60 cities

There are 60 cities in the USA where smoking has been banned with the exception of Miami, Las Vegas, Nashville,and others. California has banned smoking at public beaches, healthcare facilities, private residences,and medical facilities. These are some of the smoking rules you should be aware when you visit the USA.

Time-never be late

When it comes to time, the USA is very particular. If someone in the nation asks you to meet him at 8 am, you should arrive a few minutes early or meet him at 8 am. Americans are very punctual,and it is rude to be late. If you have to get to some place or meet someone in the USA, make sure you give yourself sufficient time to reach the destination. If you are familiar with the place, make sure you ask someone in advance so that you effectively are able to reach the place on time. There can be delays like heavy traffic or other issues that may make you late.

Even for sporting events and tournaments always be on time

The same rule applies to events and tournaments. If you are watching a sporting tournament like horse racing, make sure you reach the venue on time. There are websites like TVG that give you timely telecasts of horse racing events. Likewise, if you are in the USA and wish to reach the venue on time, make sure that you reach the venue on time so that you do not miss the action live.

Impolite vocabulary and slangs – never use them when you are in the USA

There is another tip that you should note when you are traveling in the USA. You should not use American slangs as a foreigner. Actually, you may get the idea to use slangs when you watch movies of the USA on TV or online however Americans actually take their language very seriously. They will not like the act of you using certain derogatory words against any ethnic group or race. This is why when you are traveling the USA, you should always be sensitive about your surroundings. Make sure that you use polite vocabulary so that people will not feel offended.

Before you travel to the USA, you should keep the above smoking, time and vocabulary tips in mind. There are word guides available in the market. You may refer to them for help before you travel to the USA as they will give you an insight into the vocabulary widely used in the nation.

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