Vivo Smartphones: Sharp Look at 5 Facts you must Know

Our lives revolve around our smartphones these days and it is only obvious that we will invest in the best. While there are many brands in this category selling phones which are one better than the other, Vivo smartphones have managed to create their own niche and they are selling quite fast indeed. Vivo phones under Rs 10,000 are particularly in demand because they pack in a number of high-end features at an affordable price point. There are a number of satisfied customers who would also recommend the phone to a friend. If you are planning to buy a Vivo smartphone, here are five facts that you would want to know about the brand that can help you make a better choice.

  1. Vivo is a Hi Fi Music Smartphone Brand: Vivo is brand based in the Guangdong region of China and entered the Indian market in 2014. Within a very short span of time, it had established itself as a Hi Fi music Smartphone brand. The brand claims to use modified and advanced components in their phones which are used for music systems and music lovers are also in love with some of the music apps that the phone has. The company currently has three directors and hopes to increase their sales in India even more.
  2. Vivo and Oppo are Closely Connected: When it comes to music phones, Vivo’s journey is much like Oppo, another one of the music Smartphone giants based in China. Oppo started out its journey by promoting itself as a music phone. Both these brands are connected to VCD and DVD player manufacturer BBK, a giant name in selling music players in China. The phone brands are their brainchild to an extent and although they had tried to hide this fact at first, it is now evident where they get the musical components. They also have same shareholders and share similar sales channels.
  3. Increasing Sales: Vivo is trying to increase its consumer base in India and plans to sell 2 million Vivo 4G phones this year. It already has a robust presence in over 200 Indian cities and would also start its own assembling plant, expected to be operation this fiscal year. This way, they could also reap in some tax advantages and that would allow them to sell their phones at competitive prices. It would also allow them to penetrate the Indian market more and they are already tying up with Indian events and sponsors for the purpose.
  4. Market Share: The market share of Vivo mobile under 1000 is at an all time high, considering there are as many as 30 brands in the market right now. The company is now partnering with Indian events like IPL which is sure to give them a competitive advantage. Those who are interested in facts and figures will understand that these numbers are going to go up further and point towards the increasing popularity of the brand.
  5. The first Vivo Phone in India: Vivo Phones in India first started selling in December 2014 and it was launched as the thinnest smartphone in the existing market. There are 12 models that the phone currently has at present and the company is planning to launch more as well. The first phone was launched at a price point of Rs 32,000 but since then Vivo phones under 10,000 have greatly increased in sales. The largest number of buyers are college students and young professionals who want quality and affordability at the same time.

If you increase your budget a little more than you can also look for other top models from Vivo. You can buy these Vivo smartphones under 15,000 on no cost EMI. From their stunning looks to features and specifications, it is definite that you can’t give yourself a second thought for investing in it.


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