What Is Height Safety And Why It Is Important To Use Height Safety Equipment?

Workplaces are not always on the ground level. Many a time employees have to work at a height and in order to do that safely, it is important to have some height safety equipment. The government of every country has enforced certain height safety rules for every organization to ensure that the employees do not have to work under hazardous conditions. There are different types of height safety equipment and at times it is difficult to distinguish between them. Not every day that you will be needing height safety products. However, there are certain industries that need height safety instruments every day as they regularly work from a height.

One thing is assured to you — every time you work at a height, you need reliable height safety equipment to ensure your safety. Hence it is important that your workplace’s height safety installations are approved by the regulatory bodies of your country that are responsible for labor protection and safety. Height safety is essential for working at any height. Different industries have different height specifications. However, the minimum height is usually four feet. The height safety equipment must be recertified annually. Hence it is very important to use this equipment with care and maintain them regularly.

Types of height safety equipment

There are different types of height safety equipment. Depending on the fall hazards present at your workplace and the type of work that you will carry out, height safety systems are installed in a workplace. Here are some of the commonly used height safety equipment that you can use:

Roof anchor points – These protect you from fall hazards. These are like fall arrest systems used to catch a worker if they are falling and some are like rope access systems that help workers to descend. Roof anchor points involve installation of fourteen anchor points.

Roof access hatches – These provide convenient access to your rooftop facilities. These come as hinged and sliding systems in a range of sizes. These installations should be done by trained and licensed plumbers.

Roof guardrails – These guardrail systems act as great support systems and protect you from the risk of falling. Roof guardrail installations can be customized as per the need of the workplace. These guardrails use modular fixtures, fittings, and different mounting options. They can be used to upgrade your present height safety installations.

Static lines – This equipment gives you safe access and fall protection across roof surfaces and other elevated areas through continued attachments. These can be set up quickly and suitable for both industrial and residential use.

Harness – You can also use multi-purpose harness range to save yourself from a fall. This is good if you have to hang from a point at a height and work from there. Harnesses can be coupled with lanyards to provide more robust connectivity. These are made of sturdy material so that they can take a lot of weight.

This height safety equipment should be installed in workplaces to ensure the absolute safety of the employees from fall hazards.


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